About Us

At Zenmonics, we can help you reach and nurture your clients by making accounting simple.

Zenmonics offers all sorts of copywriting services specifically designed for professionals in the accounting industry. It is the first division developed by Cloudstrike Ventures to equip and empower accountants in marketing their brands, providing solutions, and establishing clear communication with clients.

To ensure that we produce accurate and well-delivered copies, our team of eloquent copywriters at Zenmonics are also Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) who understand and practice the technicalities of accountancy in their own field.

 We also have experts on SEO, keyword research, and SEM along with our CPAs to guarantee quality results.

Our Team

Jeff Wiener

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur who has built, bought, and sold multiple businesses over his 30-year business career.

Jeff leads the team at Zenmonics, manages the company vision and direction, and brings his entrepreneurial spirit into everything he does, not only in dealing with clients, but, also in dealing with the team, and potential acquisition targets.

In his spare time, Jeff enjoys tennis, waterskiing, reading, and spending time with his family. You can get more info on Jeff here.

Monica Serreon

Monica is a poet, storyteller and a digital marketing enthusiast.  Her background as a former TV show producer gave her opportunities to be exposed and be knowledgeable on a broad range of niches in writing. It honed her people management skills as well.

She is responsible for Zenmonics’ effective and successful management of labor, productivity, and business processes.

When not in front of a laptop, Monica loves to play with her dogs, read books, watch anime, and write in her journal.

Gigi Lohren 

Gigi entered the corporate sector despite being a registered nurse by profession. She has years of expertise in real estate sales, marketing, and customer service roles, together with business development with a focus on accelerating business growth.

She will help with Zenmonics' initiatives to find fresh business possibilities and possible development areas. Also, she is in charge of establishing and sustaining relationships with customers.

She spends her free time reading, watching true crime documentaries on Netflix, taking road drives to catch sunsets, or all three.

Reach More Clients with Simpler Accounting Ideas

Accounting is a complex and highly technical field and not just any writer can produce effective advertising and marketing materials in this industry. We are aware of this truth and that's why Zenmonics is here to offer high-level accounting copywriting suited to your business needs.

Whether you are starting up or a pro in the industry, your business deserves the best copywriting service. Thus, here at Zenmonics, we ensure that our writers are not just skilled, but accounting practitioners as well.

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At Zenmonics, we can help you reach and nurture your clients by making accounting simple. (Optional: For now, let us reach you by providing your details below.)